Murder Of Crow

by Crowman

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released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Crowman Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Chemtrail Clouds [Prod. Jake Phillips]
Renegade set, uploaded to the cloud
been travelling astrally, inside the dome now
pool party belly flopper, mojito molly dropper
copper dong lover, all of the above
crowman, enigma god among us

before my skim flat white even passes my lips
I’m spitting set lists and hits, while taking a piss
next thing I’m on the macbook, airing my thoughts
chores to the floor while my plays are wrought
not for nothing aaron sork, never coming up short
50k of words like a brick of the snort
screenplay on the side about a man made god
no sorry, it’s not a biog
gamble on the big games, safe on the small
not a typical griffindor, I’m a scorpio warlord
buck hunting fuck knuckles who think they rhyme hard
Phillip Island winery, get the wine cart
come fast and laugh, heart attack on the bonersphere
wake up sticky like the sheets are a spiderweb

renegade set, uploaded to the cloud
gig in the toilet, gig on the ground
settlers of cat an gig, gig in your house
pay me a six pack, I’ll bang it the fuck out
that’s an ad in a beat break, revolutionary
you know pollution’s scary,
increase of 2 per cent
in global temperature
and that’s a big shift
in the weather patterns
don’t know what the fuck will happen
wildfires, cyclones getting biblical
but crowman will be there, mumbling incoherent

If I depress you, good, rapping is uncomfortable
put the condom on, before I fuck the world
Woop Woop! not just a social call
ocean party faction, get it, political animal
fish rights, dead lights, cannibals

Crash the car into a bank, download the app
Cash on demand, kids in the back
pawn my guitars, 2000 dollars cash
spread it out on my mattress
climb the walls, do a backflip
hey keep going

biosecurity risk, petrochemicals
high on the watch list, ASIO criminal
highly ethical, with my testicles
they’re symmetrical
and exceptional
MAKE THE PM sweat when the mixtape leaks
Eat more vegetables and less meat
God, you’l make the crewman speak
life is bleak,
in the cell of the air that we breathe,
it’s hard to fall asleep

blow weed like a shroud
look out
it’s chemtrail clouds
Track Name: Livin' Wit The Crowman [Prod. Zone Bundang]
Gonna hit you where you live
Gonna hit you where you live
In the belly of the beast, the dotted line of the lease
where you sleep, where you eat, from Merri Creek
So lo-fi, Ten ks, as the crows flys!

211 Alibion, the nest in Melbourne
yeah you heard it
Home of Crow and few bros
that’s a murder
Service station cap backwards hashtag mugging
Purchased at the yass junction, swagamuffin
piled on top of each other siting in pyramid fashion
Ain’t no one got the swag to rock a hasttag hat pancake stack
backwards but crewman, that’s a given
wordplay, thursday, slurpy 7/11 the day after my birthday
Yo november the sixth, party hardly startlingly to kick until the crow plays
I’m on the earth in a big way, spread my wings and fly, eat a cheesecake
I’m baked, pay me, that’s a cheesecake

yeah ho this the finale, my dog walk turned into a house party
but what’s a house to a crow party,? We need a nest
a sex den, a work desk, we the best, just flex just flex
dropping 8 bit swift remix, get the dance floor wet
I’m an MC, a DJ, a renegade rap god, a playwright and artist
plant gardens, shipping container dream house, solar arden
be unguarded, live in the world, the crows home is yours girl trust
murderous, no rewind me, the murder is us!

living with the crowman, heaven on earth
you get a back rub when get home from work

living with the crowman beers on the stoop
raise a bottle cheers, heres to you
Track Name: Middle Of Nowhere feat. Medicarma + Seksi Blaim [Prod. B DEEP]
Middle of nowhere
The year is getting harder to bear
Where am I gonna end up
You gotta get out my head
I’m in love with the size of my head
getting head, on an unmade bed
and gettin up and making the bed
I’m a 26 year old try hard
I don’t even gotta try hard
I just start to talk and it comes out
dribble driblle driblle occasional gold star
I really want to make it big
really I don’t give a shit
You wanna work or you wanna go to church
Or you wanna get pissed yeah

Hey. I never thought I’d cause a ruckus
mixtape, murda buisness, all in public
I might look like a fool to you
But I also look like a fool to me too
Thank god for the ocean party
those bros know how to party
cos I’m a legend, hometown celeb
leak my own nudes onto the net
Round and round, up and down
Through a bar in newtown
g and t, I’m pretty axed
I wanted to make the night a classic but
I went home, fucked it up
hugged the wrong people, did the right drugs yeah
The picture that I paint for ya
Is not really Crowman

Middle Of nowhere
Breathin in the midsummer air
Fallin in love again

I wanna get outta my head
Thinkin bout bleaching my hair
Double dare coffee feeling wrecked
waking up a ten am
Wonder if she’s thinking of me
Or milan, somewhere in alicante
Track Name: Vape [Prod. Nasdaq]
Vape clouds, dissipate faster than smoke
like mist and rain, ciggie butt of a joke
lungs full up, drowning, choke,
don’t want to drink I don’t like the feeling
I’m on tour in the states, body reeling
no fruit, double down on the ruebens,
at the bodega getting cheese steaks, delphia
Hanks very much, Tom boy server
I’ll tip you 2 dollars feel like a million.
Wave my hand in front of my face, experience
Nasdaq dropping ten floors, It’s snowing.

Vape, Vape, Vape, Vape
Inside the tote we gonna blaze.
Track Name: Sydney Beat [Prod. DJ FUCKED SHOULDER]
Thanks for the beat, dude from sydney
hard to rhyme over but pretty sweet
hi-fidelity, beautiful trap
I nearly don’t need to rap

Walking in portland rain, looking for ganja, watching the master
hammer head shark ya, all of my weaknesses into the pasta
More of the same style, guess again I’m rolling my eyes
meat pies, family sized basically leave it for afters
You wanna be happy, happy with life
Liberty social DJs wednesday night!

I’m killing it
living it
fantasy boys club
talking on the internet
murda business
Dogsnake on that league of legends
shouts outs Hillsy, Oliver, Troy, Molloy, and Solomon thomas
I’m playing the jungle, blue buff red buff, gotta be honest
never been rekt
trap that enemy inside my net
stunning the aDc, killing the tank
My team got my back
Real Life I’m thinking bout starting a pro team
I’m crowman, casting that leech seed
I told you I couldn’t rap on this one
Let the producer fly on, alone
I’m in my zone
A carlton draught I’m cooking at home
Eating a cashew nut dip
on a salada biscuit
text on the phone says
crowman, wanna make some theatre and wreck shit
ah killin it

Press delete, forget everything I’ve said so far
We’ll restart, negative positive attached to the car
straight at the heart, no firewall I wanna make it last
wearing a dinger! Checking my pulse
Fuck, it’s going so fast
Can’t feel my feet
I’m lifted and faded and dead on the beat
Momentary reflief
little death then it’s back on the streets
waking to heat, I’m a policeman, every breath I breathe
Stinging my throat
You want a good line, the word play of crow
The new silver castle of chairman, Daniel, thats a freak show.

Bean counters wanna make the money stretch longer
Need fountains of wayne to make the mummy get hotter
eat mountains of shame and make the conscious softer
Never been a better time, monster

Listen to your inner voice,
Listen to that inner child wrapped up in plastic
Smash your desires and act like a madman
back of a wagon the 80’s were rad man
2016 the year of the ram
Do twenty backflips, cartwheels and Oh man
sunsets over, people dying
Track Name: Gobbledygook [Prod. The Menstrual Cycle]
Hobbling Shoe
All of the new
rollicking crew
Possibly knew
Obvious truth
Follow the money
used it wipe my poop

Yeah I play a game with a single word
Handball court killer, serving curves
Never needed to prove I was a GOD back in High School
Principals son, shitting in the admin building
GOT LAID AT 14, toyota baby what a feeling
long term girlfriends from outta town
hackysack acrobat, going down
hat skill freak, wearing paper crowns
drama camp soldier, Warhammer clown
Track Name: BWMJ feat. Henry Sugar + Lily Turmoil [Prod. Jake Phillips]
Soothsayer, baby making arch angel
running round the city like I do danger
fruit shaker, baby making wig maker
eating on the toilet with the new make-up
truth breaker, move you’re in the booth baby
it’s my booth to use and your booth to lose jacob
a hen’s tooth jacob, don’t lose your cool jacob
I break your neck. Snap my cap back, hit snooze naked
I’m on the groove sacred, barred up and naked to boot baby
I’m still a youth lately, but fuck the school ladies
helen hunting for the twister from the KFC dudes sister
I got that number, text her. Forum six cinema:
The sixth sense, cling to me, before I slip the finger
into the cooch I'm wristing, twist round the barracuda
and my popcorn got a hole in the bottom
fit my little nugget, buttered up , you wanna hold something?

Bruce Willis my jewels bitch.
Bruce Willis my jewels.
Track Name: I Want 2 Bail (2 Bali) [Prod. B DEEP]
UH It’s crowman on that happy shit
capitalistic acquisition shit
I bought a jeep shit
He bought a jeep shit?
I just wanna play around
don’t need to panic, turn the frown upside down
gonna keep it chill, from now until forever
dance floors, sunny weather yeah
This is crowman on that australian shit
sunny day, sausage sizzle shit
paralytic, kicking brains in on the gutter shit
peanut butter shit
My favourite song of the year is this one
Mess and noise polled the people said it’s number one
Elia Kazan is a wonderful filmmaker
Film my vacation, one with nature

I got a sword in my bedroom
hang it on the wall like a dead moose
It represents my fire and my drive
The life inside of mines like a higher plain of life yeah
Dane certificate is magic
I seen that motehrfukcer do shit
Bottle of beer from his shoe shit
Number on a card like whose is this?
It mine how did you know THAT

Track Name: Lies [Prod. Magnum Ego]
Don’t forget IT
I never been sweet on you
Now and then It’s
harder to breathe when I
reach out my hand
I’m only holding onto a SHAM

Don’t remind I got work tomorrow
hungover and I’m eating chocolate
off your beautiful body
So glad that you found me!
I make an offer that you can’t refuse
ten days on a cruise
I wanna see you in your swimsuit
Ocean blue, l cup of goon
You’re going to the bathroom
I felt sick but now I’m on pills
Belly flips into thrill
molly got me on that extra perk
Who the fuck is greg from work?

Bittersweet revenge song
people love it
Even if the girl involved
is really nothing
a composite of fantasies
revenge fantasies
hint of deceit
maybe cheating
If I show them scorn
I get adored
If the song builds to a kiss-off type of chorus
They sing along
And you do too
cos dudes love other dudes brave enough to cut loose

Calculating bitch
pyscho ex
tropes in a tv show
Make- up sex
Phone texts late a night
Triple x
I write a symphony on your body
of bullshit
Short skirts in the low lit bar
watch on my writs
fast car
it’s not a myth
it’s a telstar
I can croon too
how'm I doin so far?
Track Name: And You Like This One feat. Vicious B Bitch, Filthy Chad, Humanzee [Prod. Gizzard Fist]

Crowman going fuckwit with the gizzard fist
Ignorant anthems, bounce in the mosh pit
benji maddens, towelling off my body with the chicken twins
Naked as the day I was born sucking my own dick
Heaven sent, tote front bar on the sixteenth
cool sounds, wonder if they’re gonna play the remix
2 pots, what? Can’t believe what they’re telling me
The crowd might be decent, the rider is shit


Listen to the beat, it makes me wanna flame something
theatre is a fucking joke, i just gotta say something
If you don’t get crowds then your work is shit

Who are my heroes? Fred Dusrt and the De La Roch
Truest motherfuckers in the game, no RICK ROSS
you’re kidding me, how about dead Prez and the politics?
"politics can swallow dick", pro man come and backflip
I care about the world, don’t you? Oblivious
washing oil down the drain, who gives a shit?
Questions, the verse is a bitter type a medicine
IF you can’t determine what I think then good, I’m MYSTERIOUS
here’s my problem I’m offensive, but you just fence sit
I can have two brains, one dumb, one ethics
Track Name: Beachfront Apartment [Prod. Timeshare]
Yo. Just ate green refectory
big brekky already been sex to me
check my wallet no bones for the crow
More money needed getting six pack for a show.
No compromise. I fornicate wildly
backflipping Ashleigh to the sound of a Harley
Beachfront apartments right for the love-making
Ask anyone, lovemaking’s salty
I show my arse off
on the balcony
listen to the wind and whistle
yeah hardly
Not erect but more length than a ruler
If I’m straight, you can call me straight shooter.

I got more time for rhymes than frustration
beachfront apartment, ripe for the lovemaking

Pathetic wreck comparing my self to my enemies
leaked nudes making me seem, small on screen
love my body and the way that it looks
taught myself how to cook.

making potato salad with the cornichons
making lamb racks on the barbecue
making dahl with my own spice mix and ginger
making love to the things that I’m eating
Track Name: Remember That Heat [Prod. Crowman]
Rich history of failure
from angus sampson straight to fraser
pig iron, do time on the convict island
get fired, bullion steel and miley cyrus
Joel madden, beard fanning, on trial and
first in line for the firing squad to count backwards then between the eyes em!
Flow violent: living in Melbourne gets me righteous
Sydney Rd jewellers robbed at gunpoint: not lying
around my house is safe as houses: until nightime
friends on the bike path ride your bikes and keep your mace well within eyesight
don’t get threatened get out and threaten em
think with your head and not with the frightened
yo, back to the land I drink and fuck in, it’s not worth nothing
Oops, better get back to the pad and sip my longneck, quietly panicking!

Aussie hip hop sounds like afternoons and barbecues
summer festivals and platitudes about hard work
I never worked hard, I’m child of privilege, PHD
academic animal, stereo sonic NAH, day on the green
New persona:
living the Australian dream, GET FUCKED UP, GET PAID
Hilltop are working class, I work in finance
top of the charts, climbing the highest
peaking at 1a, drinking the finest
waking up on tiles, in a fitness first bathroom
gotta get my swell on, get shredded
fuck knows who I’m gonna meet this weekend
Track Name: Tape [Prod. Velcro]
Reading shit on the laptop, my eye’s feel weird
haven’t been outside for two years
the dungeon I live in is the internet
I’m into corners that haven’t been invented yet
I can get into anything, given the spare time
rub one out to a screensaver of vinyls spinning
I can get into anything given spare time

Curtis Wakeling, masturbating
shame faced expose of online dating
label mating, with Gentlemaning
our baby grows up m call it Tyler, creating
outdated, dr dreing, detox dropped acid at the happening
risk legacy, board gaming
I played woodelves and shaven
in 40k played eldar and blood angels
civilisation, sid meyer
making money online, shameless
Track Name: A Friend Called Crowman [Prod. Crowman]
Oh my god I need a friend
A friend called crewman

This fucking program that I’m writing on always misspells my name to say crewman
That’s fucking insane
You know who it is I don’t need to explain, right
Coming at you like a fucking freight train, light
beer from tasmane with the tiger on the bottle
going full throttle at this twee piece of shit production
ableton live, fuckit, can’t decipher it
this is probably from 2009, or some shit
Cups of the Carlton
All my people been here
Send me a fuck to give, I don’t have any
Talking like click hole , I’m at the dendy
watching interstellar with mconenehy
hamfisted dialogue but god it’s great
time travel wormholes up in space
oscar worthy cgi, anne hathaway

You’ve got a friend in crewman

Shed my skin like a golden cobra/bask in the sun
light up a Jay, never toked from a bong
byron bay hydro, or home grown in wollongong
shout out to my brother STEVE, the force is strong
Cups of the Carlton
Bitches in my old phone
I’m serial, Sarah Koenig, come and get some
this american life, drenched in my come
I’d wank over a podcast, it’s not an object
This verse is really dumb
Are you drunk right now
Yeah probably son.
Track Name: White Dove feat. Never [Prod. D-love]
Go slow man
No joke man
keep a lotta iphone codes man
blow loads man
I’m a pro man with more flow than a glow worm glows man
Freakshow man
snap the wisteria out the window
6 second vine
upload on pro account and make a million views fly
bird on a wing on, got a new york subway map tattoo
I’m tumbling headfirst into a digital revolutsh
My wordplay resists deciphering, it’s timeless, call it shakespeare
if shakespeare was really 4 or more guys, with their ears pierced
I’m crasy insane loco man soy loca con mi tigre
shakira got that tiger pacing cages like an inmate
shout out to the slaves in golboun gaol, high security
I’d Skype an adman syed type of male, new psychopathy
I”m shouting people jugs of coopers pale, such generosity
I’m tryina say I’m empathetic getting made by the family
I’m eating off your plate, getting paid, rap anxiety
Nations state is failing, out of date, new world remedy
Preaching to the choir, kissing babes, singing melodies
Lowering me down, dead in a grave, happy family
It's crowman
Track Name: Future Of Music [Prod. Nasdaq]
I don’t have no time to think
patience is a virtue, I don’t care
gotta get the beers and get ahead
crowman rushing out mixtape of the year

Future of Music
USB stick
reclining lines from my old shit
Bandcamp is the scourge of music
If i ever put my shit on there again, abuse me
Only get the plays for the first track anyway
how I am meant to do a 17 track mixtape
every gig I get a six pack fee
that Dainis Lacey, FOM executive
heard about my music wanted in with it
Offered me a deal i gotta sweeten it
upfront, i’m gonna need a little something
Dainus was visibly shaking
I said a six pack
He ran his hands through his golden hair, shitting his dacks
Countered me and offered a bottle of white wine
I said alright, a ripple of tension cracked in the room
I felt a huge portentous fate had flowered into bloom
Prophetic vision struck me and out came this kila tune
if I’m the future of music then I don’t have time to lose